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a speck of my bodythen you come alonga pulchritude of Athenaa sultriness of Aphrodite the effect of your appearancea magnitude of heaven and eartha tumescent transcendenceto behold. Xah LeeCopyright – 2005-2006 Advertisements


Updates: 1. China trip confirmed…YAY! Xah, looks like we can visit together after all! 2. Paper on Film Studies completed…though the ending was a little hurried. 3. Bags packed…though a tad overstuffed with S aunty’s pickle bottles for her beloved going to be son in law. Tried explaining that ‘Aunty, doctors don’t have time to […]


I have tried so hard but everything I want is left dangling out of my reach. I have been a terrible friend. I have been so busy feeling sorry for myself that I haven’t noticed my friends wanting me to stick by them. I have denounced people and broken hearts but I have failed to […]


I am flying to New York City! I have to attend a seminar on Feminist Writing so apart from being obviously excited, I am also very nervous! NYU is an amazing place and I always think of it with fondness. I remember discovering a love for fine architecture and Formalist writing here. Really can’t wait […]


Open question: Who da hell wrote The Revengers Tragedie???? Was it Middleton or Tourneur?


Soft. Soul.. Sail. Say. So. Sa.



Golden gates and later Tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh tuh TUH Books Many of them and ideas see how they transpire Love of the loveless kind Loyalty and an eternity. A partnership of writing bringing life to the boards. Days without sight but love friendship without condition.