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For Amit


You were not what I was expectinglittle man that you are You are capable of big thingslike consoling broken dreams You are not what your kind areactual human that you are You can fight for what you think is rightfighting till the phone rings And everything comes to an end. But you won’t be forgottensince […]



This might cause some unruffled feathers. But I am not going to be fucking apologetic. Yesterday, at 4-30 pm, bright sun shining, sea waves crashing, cars rushing past and people, walking in groups etc, a 17 year old college student was raped by a police constable at Marine Drive – one of the most populated […]

Womanly wisdom


Womanly wisdom There is a thin creature within me. Within us. It is waiting to be let out. You can then see the many ribs protruding through the skin, looking like a ribbed surface of disease and starvation. It is a weak creature and it is also very scared. Very scared. It is naked and […]

Adults only


I am descendingwhere the darknessmingles with conspiracyMystery. I am wetpulsing, warmReady. I am pushedcold stone touchinga moulding backWaiting. The eyes, they are brightI have seen the animalsmelt the fearFelt the desire The waiting changesinto osculationNot enough.Never enough. Touch the madnessshape me like meltedelements which threatento burn. The darkness can turninto lightthe madness ebbs away But […]



Red drops of velvet bloodon pristine virgin snowburning through the softnesslike diamonds scratchingthe sidesof your face. Jarring cold caresseson the back of my palmssenseless against the iceas the red trails lovingly on brown skin. Perfumed spoilt heavy breaththat whips the air sharplyforming bubbles of wordsvanishing vanishing I slowly slip away.