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I will close myself from you Or perhaps it is pointless For I have already lost you. I can still hear those tribal drums But I can’t touch them feel them They exist somewhere Somewhere over certain rainbows I know you are there But are you waiting? For me? Advertisements


We parted in silence. Maybe you could not look at me. Bear to even know me any longer. You gathered your bags as I quietly looked away. I could not bear to look at you either. I half-smiled and waved you away. In silent farewell. You refused to take me in your arms. You refused […]

1. Yesterday, I saw a pig lying by the side of the road. He wasn’t moving. He was frothing at the mouth. Initially, I thought he was a dog.2. Why do we need double citizenship? You choose to leave your country for another. Why do you want to keep both roots and then get displaced […]


I work for a company that firmly believes in organizing the world’s information and making it universally accessible to everyone. After reading rather insignificant articles on the Ash-Abhishek brouhaha, I am not so sure whether it is worth organizing this and making it universally accessible. Two people are getting married. One of them is a […]


The only guy I know who insists that Requiem for a Dinner was written by William Shakespeare. And who kept me up for most part of the night in the process. 


A bloodbath in Assam. Screaming headlines. How the Government has been ignoring the plight of the Biharis and Bengalis in Assam. How the ULFA has killed so many people, just because they aren’t Assamese. I am not condoning the murders. However, it is a fact that Assam has been far long neglected now. Try driving […]


The most romantic evening in my life. Yesterday.Was nothing but Paradise.Some biryani.Stolen last pieces of chicken kebabs. A look a smilea wisecrackvodka on skin vodka in ten downing streetipod talks And the reaffirmationI am Beautiful.