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It is extremely wrong to have any hope. All the things I have stood for, they crumbled with just one touch. All my principles, for whom, I have fought to keep going, they all disappeared with just one look. And I dare to judge other people when I am nothing better myself. Earlier, I used […]

I would never be scared of bullies, or of getting bullied.I would have more self control.I would not call, when I told myself I would not call.I would never ever fall in love.I would be a size 10.I would like most people.I would be liked by most people.I would be intelligent and an MBA holder.I […]

I have finally realized that people have flaws. It doesn’t make them any less attractive for me; but it helps gives me some sort of detachment. In other news; I, the Queen of unrequited crushes, have found another. Who probably will be completely unaware about the way I feel. So instead of wasting away in […]


I wonder what you are for me. I wonder what I was for you. When will my moments and time with you will end? I wonder what kind of pain is this. If I truly believe in this friendship, then why does it hurt? Do I know really it’s that, and not something else? The […]