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Shaadi Saga


My well meaning parents decided to helpfully guide me along the path of finding a nice ‘life partner’ by signing up (read: cash transaction) for one of those popular matrimonial sites. Initially, I thought to myself, ah what the heck, I am smart, well read, self aware, well traveled, funny, I work for a great […]

I was born a good 20+ years after the immensely significant landing of Man on the moon. But that did not stop imagination from growing rampant and having day dreams of one day discovering planets with life and other spell binding things. The death of Neil Armstrong just reminds me in the past 40 something […]

They most certainly haven’t forgotten how to do it. This performance was all kinds of awesome. With a great sense of humor.

Traveling by bus in Singapore is one of those experiences I wish every child and adult has. One of my favorite buses here is the Double Decker. I love sitting right up front, with the feeling I am in the driver’s seat. Watching a myriad sample of Singapore’s vibrant culture through the window, I lean […]

What an amazing country. Takes bicycle thievery very seriously. I love it here.

So here’s the deal. I find as I grow older, I have less patience with people who waste time. And I want to keep away from poisonous relationships. I signed up for piano lessons. And I am currently looking for cello trial lessons. Maybe I’ll also sign up for some night courses at the University. […]