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This reminded me of a rather bulky spaceship. And they swim incredibly fast. Once, one of these deadly but ethereally gorgeous creatures stung my baby sister. She didn’t stop bawling for hours. Poor kid.



This angel fish belonged to a colleague of mine. Unfortunately, Lumpy the fish developed a rather cancerous tumor in the shape of a lump (hence the moniker). He passed away a month ago but he was quite a brave little fish. He battled on longer than we expected. Lump aside, he was quite a gorgeous […]

They most certainly haven’t forgotten how to do it. This performance was all kinds of awesome. With a great sense of humor.

A reminder


I like to say technology and Steve Jobs introduced me to The Beatles. In 2005, I had just completed a month at Google, I chanced upon Manan Singhi’s music library on iTunes. (ITunes libraries can be shared among users on a common LAN and we used to try and get to work early so that […]

I am not ashamed to admit I sobbed like my heart was breaking when Mufasa, Emperor of the Pride Lands fell to his death, pushed by that awful Scar. And my 9 year old heart did break. It was one of the saddest things I had ever experienced. So when my 26 year old self […]

Some time in 1996, heavy rains were lashing Calcutta and I had just finished with my final exams. I was really disappointed that night since my dad had promised to take me out and get Michael Jackson’s History album. I remember watching TV and cursing the weather, when my dad came in and said ‘Do […]

Lighthouse Days


When I was 14 years old, we were posted in Visakhapatnam. I had a great group of friends and we would get burnt having spent all our time cycling, running around and walking in the hot sun. I remember how early in the morning, we would haphazardly grab some jam and cheese sandwiches, pump air […]