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I have tried really hard. To forget. To move on. To forgive. And I always fall short. Perhaps it’s soemthing to do with my temper. Perhaps it’s something to do with being a pushover. I wonder when I die, who will cry for me? Who will miss me? Who shall say I knew her. With […]



I discovered something very very sad. 😦 One of my favorite latest Hindi songs Kya Mujhe Pyaar Hain is a direct copy of this

Tonight our togetherness failed us You walked away Leaving me with nothing but late night conversations There really is no heartbreak You see I have plans I have other friendships They will continue to give me strength And if they all end They will never leave me with heart break I have returned to the […]



Birthday wishes to the Nobel laureate As marble statues are drilled into Tumar prokash ho Deep feminine voices invoking Celebrating A birthday That he himself wrote For his 60th birthday. Mrityotaro apunar re We live for you And we see for you Keep watching keep seeing glimpses of those ages The years No one is […]