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Last week, a colleague distributed these gorgeous papery pink roses to celebrate Chinese Valentines Day. A friend of mine jokingly thus said: The Chinese have their own version of everything. So true!

2 weeks ago, Bharat Gas decided not to give me my monthly gas cylinder. Or they forgot to. Something like that. I called up the distributor, and asked her to send the cylinder. And the nice lady that she is, she not only ‘forgot’ to note down my consumer number, she ‘forgot’ to send the […]

These shoes do for me what my last emergency bar of chocolate can’t. They help me get up and run on. And when I have a particularly bad day, they help me run over the heads of the people who choose to be annoying.If I want to skip a run, they stare at me balefully, […]

Simplify. Compartmentalize. Live happily. That’s my latest mantra. I have decided to create a simple Bucket List which is applicable for each week. I am more an in the moment than for the future kind of girl anyway. So, for September 29 to October 2, 2009: Go for a 1 hour walk if nothing else. […]

My family consists of a bunch of collectors. My dad collects books on missile systems and recipes, my middle sister collects old love letters from heartbroken boyfriends and dusty tacky figurines they insist on giving as gifts, my youngest sister collects art material like crayons and canvasses; I collect books, pens and cables, while my […]