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Ferris Wheel


I once wrote a rather depressing poem about a Ferris wheel. It went something like: The abandoned ferris wheel Now sits in the corner of a dusty field Once, a thousand children would clutch their parents hands As they went free wheeling through the air That red Ferris wheel all lit up Proudly showing off […]

All hotel rooms start looking the same at the 5th hotel mark. All cities look the same too. No matter whether it is Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. You get into easy conversations with taxi drivers. And learn more about them than the person next to you on a 12 hour flight. Meals become a memory. […]

We are on our way to Kyoto via the Shinkansen or the famed Bullet Train of Japan. I am going to try something new and live blog the day as we go along. We are currently hurtling along at 300 km/hr. The landscape constantly changes from city to country and back to city. The weather […]



  A good book, a beautifully brewed cup of Assam tea and crackers. Speaks of much loneliness than the perfect Saturday.


Sometimes it gets so fucking tough. How do people do it? How do you manage a job, hanging out with the family, laughing over silly jokes with your friends? Yearning for love, making money? Why does everything have to be won or achieved for some people, while for the others, it just falls into their […]

I follow some bloggers and their daily lives as they talk about hearth, home, family and love in their blogs. Some particularly interesting bloggers in this list are Dooce, The Pioneer Woman, and Mihow; all very interesting in their own way. I especially love The Pioneer Woman, her beautiful pictures and her funny and engaging […]

What happened to the girl who 4 years ago said ‘I am not here to make friends?’ When did she lose sight of what’s really important? Family. No matter how much they drive me insane with their constant squabbles and mean-ness, they are still mine. Mine to take care of, mine to keep happy, mine […]



For watching birds take flight by the river with close friends… For being given the chance to see views like this… For my sisters (no matter how much they can annoy me at times) What are you grateful for?

Everyone. Take a deep breath. And just chill. Seriously. It does not matter which religion or gym gets a piece of disputed land. In any case, you don’t get to build your house there. It does not matter whether the country’s Capital is all spruced for a sporting event. Give it 5 months tops. And […]

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