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College will be closed for the next three weeks…YIPPEEE….not that I have reason to celebrate due to the CAT et al, but atleast no English Literature till the 21st of November! Advertisements

Yes, so tell me to behave myself. Ah dear, your skirt is too short Oh you aren’t thinking of going out like that, are you? Yes, so screw around with my brain and convince me that I am dumb a malleable little girl Yes, take me apart and when you put me back together Just […]


Dante wrote of the concept of divine laughter in his Inferno. Ganesh believes in it. I think it is all bullshit. How can there be any divine laughter when there’s no divinity left? We humans are such fools…blindly worshipping our Gods, believing in nonsense. If there’s an all powerful, pervasive force, then sorry Ladies and […]

For you, will I be your hyacinth girl? Ripped apart Torn Bloody. May you never stand alone. Look at the silver tarpaulin How it shines Steel claws above the cemented platforms as barriers Reach out to me I am your hyacinth girl. Your reason. Look You are never alone. We have this moment.

Ouch. I am still reeling. After the phenomenal success of Bend it like Beckham, Bride and Prejudice was a slap on the face with a bucket of ice cold water thrown in for good measure. What the hell was Gurinder Chadha thinking when she cast Aishwarya Rai as the leading protaganists in the film? The […]


Sometimes, we should gather all our emotions, feelings and thoughts, bundle them up and chuck them out the window. Then there would be no love, no hate and no jealousy. Life would be hunky dory and we would move on with our sorry lives not wondering whether the A Train would stop near our station. […]


Tomorrow the terminals begin…Paper 4 which is 16th century literature…