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He told me his grandfather had died. I felt numb. I felt helpless. I wanted to hold him tight. But I know he’d only push me away. Once, I imagined how I would feel if something happened to him. Nothing. I felt nothing. Then an immediate voice in my head spoke up rejecting the thought. […]

These shoes do for me what my last emergency bar of chocolate can’t. They help me get up and run on. And when I have a particularly bad day, they help me run over the heads of the people who choose to be annoying.If I want to skip a run, they stare at me balefully, […]

I had the busiest weekend I have had in years. I am going to skip the cold bits (spent in Delhi) and skip right to the warm Bombay fun bits. The night before, the family was all dressed up and looking sharp: The lady in black is my mom. She looks like she bit into […]