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Late night bus rides help me think, especially when I am stuck with a problem. Letting someone else do the driving while I stare unseeing out the window, hardly stopping for little or no fellow riders – the world turns. And it is therapeutic. To all Singaporean bus drivers who can teach us a thing […]

So true!


Today Mumbai University tells me it will take ***2 months *** to get a duplicate of my graduation certificate. I wasn’t sure I heard correctly so I ask – you mean 2 days? The guy snarls ‘2 months.’ I┬átry again ‘2 weeks?’ 2 MONTHS YOU DINGBAT. So my next question is will it be made […]

And another.


It is a pool party and I am surrounded by handsome men from all parts of the world. But even if I am dancing, or swimming or having a tequila shot, it isn’t the same. For none of them are you.



  A good book, a beautifully brewed cup of Assam tea and crackers. Speaks of much loneliness than the perfect Saturday.

I am not sure if the video will embed correctly via my Nexus but here’s hoping. Reading all those reviews about what a great song Adele’s Skyfall is (I mean come on, reviews were written based on a 90 second clip, crazy right) I was looking forward to listening to the song myself. And I […]

Having just flown Scoot, my experience with the flight attendants was faintly similar. But many parts of this story resonates with me. The worst flying experiences I have had were with Air Deccan (flight delayed by 8 hours) and with Kingfisher Airlines (flight attendant rudely addressed me as ‘Hey lady’) Of course, the best flight […]