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All hotel rooms start looking the same at the 5th hotel mark. All cities look the same too. No matter whether it is Singapore or Kuala Lumpur. You get into easy conversations with taxi drivers. And learn more about them than the person next to you on a 12 hour flight. Meals become a memory. […]

We are on our way to Kyoto via the Shinkansen or the famed Bullet Train of Japan. I am going to try something new and live blog the day as we go along. We are currently hurtling along at 300 km/hr. The landscape constantly changes from city to country and back to city. The weather […]

We are currently in Tokyo and taking in the sights and sounds of this beautiful ancient city. Yesterday, we went to stopped in time Asakusa, a place with little hawker stores and much charm. We bought some fruit at this tiny fruit store, plums, the tiniest grapes bursting with flavor and some apples. What I […]

The past couple weeks rushed by. In between celebrating birthdays for beloved colleagues and friends, spending three days on a gorgeous ship for a work off site, fitting almost all of us in an elevator, complaining about the haze that enveloped Singapore today, I still found some seconds to apply some red lipstick. Have a […]

Having just flown Scoot, my experience with the flight attendants was faintly similar. But many parts of this story resonates with me. The worst flying experiences I have had were with Air Deccan (flight delayed by 8 hours) and with Kingfisher Airlines (flight attendant rudely addressed me as ‘Hey lady’) Of course, the best flight […]

The penultimate day before our vacation came to an end. We were sitting on a bench, waiting for the train. All of us had our running shoes on.

I just got back from a vacation in Sydney and I came back with some ideas and thoughts on what I want to do. More on that later though. My parents had accompanied me and here are some moments when they made a new friend amongst the beauty of Australia. Here’s my father looking intently […]