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I wrote this on February 7, 2007 I am the unshakenthe unmovedLook at meI am earthfirewindwater.  Advertisements



I wrote this on April 4, 2007 Quite above the mist, We remain happy. Awaken, awaken The end will take its own time to arrive.

I swear, I am not being dramatic or trying to act cute. Due to forest clearing in Indonesia, all the smoke was blown towards Singapore. Long story short, the pollutants in the air crossed the hazardous mark, I was sick with shortness of breath and I dreamed of fresh oxygen. I was also frightened and […]

I am almost done reading Lev Grossman’s The Magicians. I spent most of Saturday with this book. One of my friends re-introduced me to Edamame so that’s what I snacked on through book one. The yellow quilt is from Bombay – one of the remnants from my life in India.



This reminded me of a rather bulky spaceship. And they swim incredibly fast. Once, one of these deadly but ethereally gorgeous creatures stung my baby sister. She didn’t stop bawling for hours. Poor kid.

Splendor of ended day floating and filling me. – Walt Whitman, Song at Sunset

When I was in college, a thick layer of kajal, a spritz of perfume and a leaving my hair free and flowing constituted a ‘made up look.’ 6 years after, my best friend, Hen, introduced me to the world of mineral makeup and thus, my palate for makeup underwent a change to become something more […]