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I follow some bloggers and their daily lives as they talk about hearth, home, family and love in their blogs. Some particularly interesting bloggers in this list are Dooce, The Pioneer Woman, and Mihow; all very interesting in their own way. I especially love The Pioneer Woman, her beautiful pictures and her funny and engaging […]

Wow, 5 Years!


This blog turned 5 today, August 4, 2009. For a moment, it felt like I was back in 5 Gulab, writing that first post about Cinema and college. This blog has seen many experiences, some real, some imaginary. It has seen me through conflicts, identity crisis, heartbreak, love, a career, life. It has been a […]

Blog Camp!


Ever since I have taken to Twitter with a vengeance, I have also stopped being somewhat of a recluse. Yes, ironically, the internet has been done some very Botox like wonders for my social life and sense of self. Wanting to continue in this vein of awesomeness, I gave into a friend’s insistence, and before […]