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From the day I turned 26 last year, the friends at the Birthday table have changed. One of them from the previous table is getting married. I traveled to Australia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam. The one great love dumped me via text. And got married to someone else. I gave Bangalore a whirl, made a mess […]

Growing Old.


In the movies, especially when there is this moment of realization, when the lead actor has an epiphany about life, he’s shown as the one person in a crowded street, facing a sea of humanity as they rush past him in their black or grey clothes, while he looks perplexed/afraid/annoyed/whatever based on his histrionic abilities, […]

Wow, 5 Years!


This blog turned 5 today, August 4, 2009. For a moment, it felt like I was back in 5 Gulab, writing that first post about Cinema and college. This blog has seen many experiences, some real, some imaginary. It has seen me through conflicts, identity crisis, heartbreak, love, a career, life. It has been a […]

I am quite certain I have seen a fair amount of Life. I have seen births, deaths, love affairs, flings, break ups, divorce, being jailed (not me, please. it’s too early.), being sued (not me, please. it’s too early)., cheating, disappointment, happiness, debt. And of course, there are film parallels for every experience. after all, […]

I am really hoping that turning 25 is really like having your first kiss. You know, with the build up that has all these butterflies in your stomach, and you hoping ‘the deed’ will take place in a very romantic setting with violins and white doves flying to create a heart shaped border above your […]