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I follow some bloggers and their daily lives as they talk about hearth, home, family and love in their blogs. Some particularly interesting bloggers in this list are Dooce, The Pioneer Woman, and Mihow; all very interesting in their own way. I especially love The Pioneer Woman, her beautiful pictures and her funny and engaging […]

My friend B called me and excitedly yelled: ‘Guess what I am doing this weekend??’ Now, B is a party person, drinks at the local hot nightclub, some dancing to sultry Jazz tunes with Brian from Mulund, (Bandra is moving, guys) lounging at the latest lounge bar. So I rattled off some similar options to […]

Since everyone is putting in their two cents on what they thought about Love Aj Kal, I cannot be outdone: I thought Deepika Padukone wasn’t so bad as Raja Sen made her out to be. While this is not definitely her best work yet according to Taran Adarsh, she did make her character rather believable. […]