Ferris Wheel



I once wrote a rather depressing poem about a Ferris wheel. It went something like:

The abandoned ferris wheel

Now sits in the corner of a dusty field

Once, a thousand children would clutch their parents hands

As they went free wheeling through the air

That red Ferris wheel all lit up

Proudly showing off the joyous squealing of the young and the brave

New lovers creating more romance

And the married sitting in comfortable silence

That old Ferris Wheel

That trove of a countless hot summer night memories.


Joy is…


Getting a sudden window seat in a crowded bus.

Finding out AdMob has been acquired by Google. I did jumping jacks all over my living room squealing ‘OMG I am going to get my old email back’

Listening to the Singapore Philharmonic begin the opening bars of the Star Wars theme. It gave me goosebumps.

Watching Edward Watson dance. He makes ballet really come alive for me.


Attending vocal lessons and being coached by a wonderful teacher.

Being appreciated by my parents.

Finally getting my hands on a book after a long period of waiting.


Drinking tea made just the way I like it. (Black tea leaves brewed and sweet with a drop of cold milk)

Talking to clients and watching their faces light up when offered a solution.

Leaping in jete style with close friends by the river. (I did this and it was way more fun than I expected)

Watching awesome movies. (Pacific Rim, Iron Man, The Avengers)

Hearing great movie themes. And then imagining them to be the OST of your already awesome life.

Coming home to family.


Last week, a colleague distributed these gorgeous papery pink roses to celebrate Chinese Valentines Day. A friend of mine jokingly thus said: The Chinese have their own version of everything. So true!

Ah! Sunflower



Ah! sunflower, weary of time,

Who countest the steps of the sun,

Seeking after that sweet golden clime

Where the traveller’s journey is done;

Where the youth pined away with desire,

And the pale virgin shrouded in snow,

Arise from their graves and aspire;

Where my sunflower wishes to go.

— William Blake

My father is currently in hospital. The office sent him some flowers with fruit. Sunflowers are so maddeningly cheerful. They are bright and yellow with a dark velvety middle. Obnoxious sun followers.

  1. All hotel rooms start looking the same at the 5th hotel mark.
  2. All cities look the same too. No matter whether it is Singapore or Kuala Lumpur.
  3. You get into easy conversations with taxi drivers. And learn more about them than the person next to you on a 12 hour flight.
  4. Meals become a memory. You eat only when you remember to.
  5. All metros and public transportation across the world look similar. You will never fumble while buying a metro card and you will feel a tiny bit condescending to the tourist who looks scared of the shiny ticket machines.
  6. You can complete airline check in processes in 10 minutes (at any given day, I kid you not)
  7. Google Maps is your friend. Your smartphone is your BFF.
  8. Travel will never be romanticized. To you, travel is a way of life. You will have zero expectations for making new friends on a flight, or falling in love with a hot Latino in Ibiza.
  9. You will know every detail of your data plan. And by every, every byte of data – you know what it’s costing you. And there will be the noob times when your phone bill (mostly from data) can rent you an apartment for a month.
  10. Every time you return home, you leave a small part of you behind. It can be a memory, a currency note, a laptop charger converter.

I will admit I am very confused.

I heard two songs the past couple days. One of them was about sex. No surprise there. It was nasty, with terrible degrading lyrics, disrespectful to women. The video had topless women who Wikipedia claims are super models, lolling around (on a side note, I don’t understand why women, super model or otherwise agree to these things. They can’t be that cash starved, I get the pride of their own bodies, that sort of thing, but topless in a video for a horrible anti-women song. Really ladies.) The dude claimed he had something big enough to ‘tear your ass in two.’ Like I said, nasty.

The other song, was gentle and mournful. As I listened to it repeatedly, it settled into my soul. It was a loving tribute to Whitney Tribute and the video was understated and classy. The ending especially, the focus on the Billboard and then the whispered ‘thank you’ – it was just lovely.

Now, I am confused. How can one man, who sings the gut wrenching, musical and touching version of Waiting to Exhale also sing a jarring song like Blurred Lines? Oh Mr Robin Thicke, if only I could ask you this directly.

I heard Blurred Lines before I heard his version of Waiting to Exhale, therefore I guess the surprise (shock?) was greater. In the interest of full disclosure however, I am ashamed to admit I find Blurred Lines to be catchy. And I can boogie to it, but my brain melts when I start paying attention to the lyrics. Sigh.

I won’t link to Blurred Lines but here’s his version of Waiting to Exhale. Give this beautiful performance a chance.

Last night in Tokyo (Boohoo) before we head back to Singapore.

My sister is currently hogging the bathroom (she wants to have a bubble bath before boarding her long 16 hour flight via Air China LOL) so I thought I’d do something and put up bad pictures taken with my phone of the stuff I bought today.


I bought these paper clips from Daiso. Aren’t they cute? I got to love Daiso, cute cheap things as nice presents!


What is a trip to Japan without some Hello Kitty? I am not a fan of pink but I think this would be a nice gift for a certain colleague.


Hello Kitty blotting paper! I don’t think blotting paper really works or is even utilitarian – a wet cloth does the same job. But I saw the packaging and was sucked in.


All my necklaces have broken so I bought these two chains with dagger like pendants. I was looking for a statement piece but those aren’t for me since I am of the belief jewelry should not feel like it’s being worn.


I had a similar silver bracelet which broke – I have no idea what’s with me and poor lasting jewelry. I like the twisty design – it looks intricate.


I fell in love the moment I saw these lions. I love lions – they are magnificent and regal.

So that’s it – we are back tomorrow and there are a lot of pictures from our wonderful family vacation and blog posts coming up!