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I am not ashamed to admit I sobbed like my heart was breaking when Mufasa, Emperor of the Pride Lands fell to his death, pushed by that awful Scar. And my 9 year old heart did break. It was one of the saddest things I had ever experienced. So when my 26 year old self […]

I am waiting for some life altering news to come my way. It’s all about a new experience, a change. Yet, seeing the way my luck goes, it is very hard to have expectations, to have hope. I know I will be extremely disappointed if the news is not positive and I will have to […]

I am proud to be part of a company that combines tradition with technology. That understands the need to keep history, the Arts, and Music alive with a strong supporting base in technology. The YouTube symphony is an example of being modern and using technology to drive the power of an age old human interest […]

This night


This mischievous night, so dark, so playful. Our night, the friend of the moon. He has come after such a long, long time. You do not need to light the lamp, there is comfort in the ignorant darkness. Being best friends with the moon and the stars, this night has come alone after what seems […]



When I was younger, I watched my friend shatter as she started a long tough battle with clinical depression. I could not handle the pressure of being there for her, and I may be judged as being a horrible friend, but I could not deal with the aimless crying, the constant tears, the letting go […]