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I will admit I am very confused. I heard two songs the past couple days. One of them was about sex. No surprise there. It was nasty, with terrible degrading lyrics, disrespectful to women. The video had topless women who Wikipedia claims are super models, lolling around (on a side note, I don’t understand why […]

The  rapidly ascending escalator moves quickly, and I get my first glimpse of the red jewel like lanterns dotting Chinatown’s skyscape. Tourists are walking about, vendors are patiently waiting by their store entrances. A young tourist suddenly makes eye contact with me – he is rather handsome and I blush. I look away but there […]

Some months ago, YouTube suggestions threw up something absolutely golden. It was a video by the Royal Opera House on the evolution of ballet and since then, there has been no looking back. I used to be a casual ballet follower, but now I am familiarizing myself with the art. And, that is a blog […]

Living in Singapore has made the music lover in me very happy. I have watched some amazing concerts  where talent clearly shows (Richard Marx), some concerts for which I had high expectations but came away under whelmed (Lady Gaga), a wonderful Beatles homage band that made me dance with a thousand other people and transported […]

I am not sure if the video will embed correctly via my Nexus but here’s hoping. Reading all those reviews about what a great song Adele’s Skyfall is (I mean come on, reviews were written based on a 90 second clip, crazy right) I was looking forward to listening to the song myself. And I […]

They most certainly haven’t forgotten how to do it. This performance was all kinds of awesome. With a great sense of humor.

How many times has a ringing phone annoyed you during a movie, concert, whatever? Here’s a video on how a violinist handles it with humor and still continue entertaining.