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I am really hoping that turning 25 is really like having your first kiss. You know, with the build up that has all these butterflies in your stomach, and you hoping ‘the deed’ will take place in a very romantic setting with violins and white doves flying to create a heart shaped border above your […]

In honor of turning 25 on August 5, I will be posting a series of posts looking back on the past 25 years. Sent on my BlackBerry® from Vodafone Essar



Plant, originally uploaded by tanushreeb. All that greenery that is assaulting my eye Also makes me very happy. Let it rain.

Although Michael Jackson has moon walked on, we should never forget: We are the ones that can make a brighter day, so let’s start giving.’ Live aid – 1985 Usa For Africa – We Are The World

Love This Song


Maroon 5 – If I Never See Your Face Again

Blog Camp!


Ever since I have taken to Twitter with a vengeance, I have also stopped being somewhat of a recluse. Yes, ironically, the internet has been done some very Botox like wonders for my social life and sense of self. Wanting to continue in this vein of awesomeness, I gave into a friend’s insistence, and before […]

The Hangover: The funniest movie I have seen in a really long time. Road trips and getting drunk are made out to be synonyms of cool. Hollywood, nothing compares to you. Rains in Mumbai and the ensuing media frenzy: Roads Blocked! Death By Electrocution! 3. Mumbai Submerged! La di dah. Headline copy can’t get any […]